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    5 Kitchen Design Trends for 2021

    Coming to the end of our first quarter, we have noticed some strong kitchen design trends for 2021. If you're starting to think about a kitchen remodel, often one of the first steps is finding inspiration. We're here to share an inside look at this year's trends, from finishes and fixtures to staples such as cabinetry and countertops. Whether you are planning a remodel or building a new home, we hope this list sparks your creativity and inner designer!

    1. Colorful Cabinets 

    kitchen design trends - colored kitchen cabinetsWhile white and neutral cabinets will always be popular and well suited for any kitchen style, it's time to make way for some color! In 2021, you can expect to see colorful cabinets and countertops in new kitchen spaces. The most popular pops of color will be varied shades of green and blue. While kitchens are commonly light and bright, don’t be surprised when you see dark jewel tones such as navy, emerald green, or even deep purple. This new colorful trend might come in full-color cabinets or pair with the other popular trend of split-tone cabinets. 

    2. Cabinetry Storage Solutions 

    Dedicated spice slider cabinetThousands (if not millions) of people spent quarantine watching shows like “Get Organized with The Home Edit” on Netflix. It should come as no surprise that many people are set on creating built-in cabinetry storage solutions. When you’re investing in your home with a kitchen remodel, finding you have “wasted space” is infuriating. When you ask people what their kitchen must-haves are, one of the first things people mention is ample storage. This leads to homeowners looking for storage solutions built into the cabinetry plan. This can include appliance garages, cutlery and utility dividers, built-in spice drawers, and wastebasket sliders to hide recycling and garbage cans. With the world feeling a bit out of control this past year, one thing we CAN control is our clutter! 

    3. Backsplash Accents 

    textured backsplash feature tileBacksplash accents are a great way to add a touch of pattern, texture, and personality without dedicating your whole kitchen to something “unique.” Out with traditional subway tiles and in with bold colors, geometric shapes, and unexpected dimensionsDon’t throw all of your options into one tile selection, though! If you’re interested in pattern or texture, consider going with a more neutral color. Save the bright, bold hues for a more subdued pattern and texture (or lack thereof). If you’re still into subway tile, consider a nontraditional color (anything but white) or a larger tile. While looking at bigger size tiles, you may also consider covering a larger portion of your wall with a “backsplash.” Large slabs of stone are taking over traditional tile backsplashes. Alternately, with traditional upper cabinets somewhat on the out, people are running the backsplash all the way up to the ceiling in some areas of the kitchen! Check out some backsplash ideas on our Pinterest board.

    4. Mixing Metals 

    mixed metals kitchen featuring a copper bar top counterWe’re often asked, “Is it okay to mix metals?” First off, it’s okay to do what you want; it’s YOUR kitchen! Now, asking “should we mix metals?” is a whole different question. When done correctly, mixing metals can add a lot of character and personal style to a space. Since most metal pieces in a kitchen are used to “finish the space,” it’s OK for them to stand out! Maybe you love gold pendant lights but don’t want an entirely gold kitchen. Keep the lights but mix in some black hardware and sink fixtures! One client of ours went for all stainless steel appliances but mixed in copper cabinet hardware and a copper accent bar counter. The final result is gorgeous! Mixed metals can also tie in with furniture selections for the kitchen table, dining nook, or island stools. 

    5. Quartz is Still King 

    quartz countertop in kitchenWhile it seems we have more options for kitchen countertop material than ever, quartz still reigns king! Quartz is an extremely low-maintenance, manufactured stone option for countertops. While its main competitor, granite, is also a great option, it requires more routine maintenanceQuartz manufacturers can now create countertops in a wide range of colors for natural-looking stone patterns. There are certainly more pros and cons of quartz vs. granite. With the timeless, upscale look of quartz countertops, we don’t see them being knocked from first place any time soon.

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