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    What Our Customers Say

    The professionalism, attention to detail and follow through with Better Builders cannot be beat. The detailed nature of our Project Manager made ALL the difference, and I can say that we trusted Better Builders to produce our vision. We will never work with any other contractor moving forward.

    Ashley J.

    Normandy Park, WA
    We were happy with our experience working with Better Builders. Once all of the budgeting was said and done, it did not change throughout the project. The final result looks great, and was done with quality in mind...

    Elise K.

    Seattle, WA
    Better Builders helped us with a major remodel of our kitchen and one of our bathrooms. We have a 1920s home and wanted to maintain the period details that make our house so special while updating it with some more modern features like an open floor plan. From the start I was impressed with...

    Lauren M.

    Seattle, WA
    The people who work for them in the field are great.

    Colleen V.

    Renton, WA
    Better Builders is a conscientious general contractor that takes all necessary measures to make your home even more special. Their team is friendly and easy to work with and as issues come up they are diligent at resolving them quickly and efficiently.

    Lynn D.

    Seattle, WA
    Bill and his team at Better Builders are great. The did an amazing job on our project; they delivered on time, in budget, and with keen eye to detail and craftsmanship. My dad was a carpenter, my grandfather was a carpenter, and I feel very fortunate to have found a team in Better Builders that my dad would have been proud to recommend.

    Matthew H.

    Seattle, WA
    On time, on budget, extremely responsive to issues, completed project looks great, and everything still working long after they packed up (neatly) and left. That's pretty much all I want in a builder...

    Maureen D.

    Seattle, WA
    We have worked with Better Builders on several projects and they consistently deliver what they promise on time and in budget. I highly recommend them to others!

    Michael E.

    Seattle, WA
    Everyone on the Better Builders team was great, especially Seth and Fred.  All of the carpentry looks great---the banister in particular stands out.

    Elizabeth S.

    Seattle, WA

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