Project Case Study:
    A Complete Transformation of a 1960s Home for Aging-in-Place

    These clients came to Better Builders with the goal of taking their 1960s home and transforming it into what felt like a completely new house. The vision was to take the existing room-by-room layout and create an open floor plan for an aging-in-place, forever home.

    The first challenge was removing the fireplace, mechanical closet, and chimney. Also, we opened up a large span of the wall, which separated the future dining from the living area. Both structures were load-bearing, which required the installation of a new glulam beam in the attic. We were immediately faced with the additional challenges of the attic being rat-infested and only two feet high at the peak. After extermination, major cleaning, and repairs, we maneuvered the new beam to open the entire south end of the house.





    Designing a Dream Kitchen: Conquering Plumbing Challenges and Elevating Entertainment

    Our next challenge was creating a kitchen in a former bonus room. The new location required all new plumbing, which was complicated due to the difficulty in getting the proper slope and navigating the distance from the kitchen space all the way out to the exterior for sewer access. This new kitchen was designed with entertaining in mind. Top-of-the-line appliances, maximum storage, and gorgeous copper accents completed the client’s vision.





    Creating a Seamless Flow

    The new kitchen and dining rooms flow seamlessly into the living room, allowing for a ten-top dining table for lavish entertaining. Between the dining and living areas, we installed two sliding doors leading out to a future patio entertaining area. Lacing new oak flooring to the existing and adding fresh paint and baseboards throughout, the space was complete.





    Achieving Aging-in-Place Luxury

    In the master suite, the biggest transformation came from absorbing a linen closet into the bathroom square footage, allowing for a large curbless shower. With a new quartz surround, barn door slider, and new fixtures, this was a major step toward the client’s aging-in-place goal.





    From Kitchen to Laundry and Powder Room - A Sustainable Renovation Project

    Lastly, we transformed the old kitchen into a new laundry room and added a new powder room, all within the original square footage. Embracing the Use and Reuse philosophy, all the original cabinets and countertops remained in place and found a new purpose for craft work and storage. By reusing these materials, we were able to create a high-impact space with a low impact on the client’s budget.





    The Final Result: From Outdated to Outstanding

    Better Builders successfully completed a whole-house renovation project that transformed a 1960s home into a modern and functional space. The clients' goal of creating an open floor plan for their aging-in-place forever home was achieved, providing them with a completely new house that met their needs and exceeded their expectations.

    With meticulous attention to detail and a focus on quality craftsmanship, Better Builders delivered a final result that combined luxury, functionality, and timeless design. The transformed home now offers a spacious and welcoming environment that will serve the clients for years to come.

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