Project Case Study:
    Creating a Luxury Bathroom with Optimal Flow, Enlarged Space, and Elevated Fixtures

    Dated Bathroom Transformation in West Seattle 

    After residing in the same house for more than two decades, our client's bathroom had become outdated and worn out. With a well-designed and executed plan, we helped the client create the luxury bathroom of their dreams.

    Our primary objectives were to optimize the flow, enlarge the space, create privacy, and elevate the fixtures and finishes. 

    We started by completely gutting the existing 30-year-old bathroom and knocking out the east wall, including the rounded nook where the bathroom vanity was located. To gain an additional 60 square feet, we bumped out the space over an existing covered deck.



    Optimizing the Flow and Adding Privacy

    The initial layout of the space was an open floor plan that connected to the primary bedroom. Despite the current trend favoring open floor plans, the client desired a sense of privacy and seclusion.

    To achieve this objective, two key strategies were implemented: the installation of a separate water closet with a wall-mounted tankless toilet, and the addition of new walls with doors to create a hallway for guest access to a rooftop deck.



    Luxury Spa-like Soaking Tub & Steam Shower

    In order to achieve the vision of the "height of luxury," we incorporated a soaking tub and a steam shower with ample space.

    Due to limitations with the floor joists, we had to work creatively to create a shower curb that was as minimal as possible while still allowing for proper drainage.

    One of our challenges was creating an access panel for easy servicing of the steam shower unit. We were able to install the unit under the shower bench and incorporate a tiled access panel to maintain a sleek and polished appearance.


    Dual Rain Shower Head and Hand-Held Shower Fixtures

    In order to achieve the desired spa-like ambiance, our client's space was adorned with an exquisite marble leaf mosaic wall tile, complemented by 1x2 foot floor tile and 2x2 foot ceiling tile.

    Furthermore, we installed both dual rain head and additional hand-held shower fixtures, creating a luxurious and functional showering experience


    Expansive Vanity and Storage

    The original vanity was small and overcrowded. In response, we upgraded it to an expansive double vanity featuring beautiful Bellmont cabinetry. The deep blue of the cabinetry brings a pop of color to the space, while the addition of two more transom windows allows for more natural light to flood in.


    Laundry Room Relocation

    One of the objectives was to relocate the laundry area from the first floor to the third floor. However, the primary hurdle was the congestion caused by the doors leading to the laundry closet. To address this issue, our design experts opted for retractable pocket doors that blend seamlessly with the rest of the doors in the house.


    The Final Result

    The final result of our luxury bathroom renovation project exceeded all expectations. Through meticulous planning and execution, we optimized the flow, enlarged the space, created privacy, and elevated the fixtures and finishes. The client's immense satisfaction with their newly renovated bathroom is evident, as it now exudes a luxurious hotel-like vibe.

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