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    Meet Gustavo: Architect

    Being a design/build General Contractor, we are frequently asked about the Architect that we work with. One of the talented companies we work with is PRDG architecture + design in Seattle. We have been working with the PRDG team for over 8 years now and can honestly say that we LOVE our partnership!

    Meet PRDG Owner and Co-Founder, Gustavo Penengo

    Meet Gustavo: ArchitectGustavo was born in Uruguay, South America and grew up surrounded by international vernaculars and materials. Gustavo graduated from the prestigious NYIT School of Architecture in New York. During his undergraduate studies, he spent semesters abroad in France, Italy, and Spain studying European architecture as well as many of the great art masters. He is a member of the AIA Seattle and is NCARB certified. Gustavo founded PRDG architecture + design in 2003 along with his friend and architect, Philip Rossillo, who manages the New York office.

    HOW DID YOU GET INTO architecture?

    “As a child I had a passion for art and drawing, always inventing worlds and structures on paper. As I grew older, I excelled in art, math and science. My high school guidance counselor during a career meeting shared with me some architectural blueprints and I’ve never looked back.”


    Meet Gustavo: Architect

    Farwell House, Design by PRDG architecture + design, Build by Better Builders

    “I love working on projects at various scales—from bathroom remodels to custom homes on unique sites. My passion is for creative architecture and solving problems efficiently. To effectively give our clients the value they expect from professionals who love their craft is a blessing.

    It’s gratifying when people say “WOW” about our designs! I love collaborating with clients and builders to help bring project goals and visions into reality. Our designs inspire and reflect the values of the owners and serve as an aspiration. We are forward thinkers in how we approach design, technology, materials, building processes, energy use and lighting. We want to celebrate what makes you unique and supports your lifestyle, while creating value and inspiration for generations to come.”


    Meet Gustavo: Architect

    Othello House, Design by PRDG architecture + design, Build by Better Builders

    PRDG, a boutique firm, focuses on various scales and styles of architecture. We feel that good design should create responsive, dynamic environments that stimulate the human spirit, and are sculpted by the client’s distinct attributes and needs. PRDG has worked on projects from coast-to-coast, bringing forward-thinking ideas to our residential and commercial projects. We see design as an iterative and exciting collaboration among client, architect, builder and craftsmen.

    To schedule a free design consultation please contact: Marketing@PRDG.net or visit the website contact page.

    Pete Baughman

    About Pete Baughman

    Home renovation and custom home building have been a part of my life since birth. My great-grandfather, grandfather, and father were all Carpenters. It was only natural for me to be drawn to it as well. I worked as a Carpenter and Project lead helping him create and produce many extraordinary projects. My experiences have varied from Carpenter, Lead Carpenter, Project Manager, Production Manager, Project Developer, and Sales Manager. I started with Better Builders in 2011 and, in 2019, became an owner.