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    Patio or Deck: Which One is Right for You

    Summer is upon us and we are ready to enjoy the beautiful weather. While it’s great to have wonderful public outdoor spaces nearby, nothing beats having the perfect outdoor space at your own home. Whether you’re building the ultimate entertainment space, a simple area to grill, or a cozy space to enjoy stunning views of the sound or city, we can help! Designing your outdoor space typically starts with one key decision – deck or patio? While both are great for creating that outdoor living environment, the similarities really end there. The primary differences are found in the way they are designed, the common materials used and the location at your home.


    Better Builders Gravel PatioPatios are outdoor seating areas that are flush with the ground. Most commonly, patios are made of concrete, but you may also see them made with gravel, stone, or brick.

    One of the most important deciding factors in determining if a patio is right for your home is the building surface. Since patios sit directly on the ground, a patio needs to sit on a flat, level surface.


    A deck is a raised platform typically made of wood, pressure-treated lumber, composite, or PVC. A deck is almost always attached to the home in some way and can either be ground level or elevated by joists.

    Better Builders Lake Washington DeckElevated decks are often used to create a space that extends living and dining areas from indoor to outdoor. You also will commonly find multi-level decks to maximize on space withing property limits.

    Decks are the best option for homeowners looking to build an outdoor space on uneven ground. Hilly areas and raised homes are where building a deck on joists comes in.

    Better Builders Alki DeckGround level decks are low to the ground, but still have a slightly raised substructure. Ground level decks typically require less maintenance and they don’t have to be attached to the house to be stable.

    Which One is Right for You?

    When making the decision on which outdoor space would be best for your home and family, we can help you consider more factors than simple cost. Other elements to consider include: Is my ground level? What will maintenance be like? What is the average material lifespan for each option? How long will it take to build? You likely have many questions, and Better Builders has the answers.

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