Project Case Study: Modernizing a Historic Home's Bathroom while Preserving its Timeless Charm

    Our homeowner had a goal of bringing their 100-year-old home into the 21st century. With a well-designed and executed plan, this bathroom was refreshed and modernized while still looking like it’s been there all along.

    The primary objectives included refreshing the space, adding more storage, and implementing modern amenities, all while maintaining the charm of the original 1920 home.

    The first steps included safely removing all the lead paint, cracked floor tile, and an old laundry chute to free up additional space. The bathroom was then demolished down to the framing and subfloor, and the old laundry chute was sealed off. With the room stripped, our production team was able to true up uneven walls and level out the severely sloping floor to make a great base to rebuild.



    Restoring Elegance: A Remarkable Bathroom Transformation with Classic Design and Modern Upgrades

    We opted for a matte white porcelain hex mosaic tile with a matte black hex double border to replicate the original period design for the new bathroom floor. Removing the old, heavy cast-iron tub, which weighed over 600 pounds, proved to be a challenging task. However, it allowed us to replace it with a stunning claw foot tub and a new toilet.

    The project faced another obstacle in sourcing fixtures and finishes that matched the classic design. In particular, finding a square base toilet similar to the original piece was a priority. Additionally, the original bathroom lacked ventilation. To address this, we installed new can lights and a heat/light combo fan, providing brighter lighting, ventilation, and warmth - ideal for older, drafty homes.



    Seamlessly Blending Modernity with Classic Charm in an Old Home

    Our design team took advantage of the removal of the laundry chute and transformed the space by replacing the pedestal sink with a modern-looking vanity that offers additional storage and an undermount sink. The bathroom also boasts custom millwork, which was carefully crafted to match the original 100-year-old millwork, as part of our efforts to seamlessly blend modern design with classic charm in this old home.


    Achieving a Flawless Blend of Classic and Modern Fixtures

    Our design team and homeowners spent countless hours working together to find the perfect fixtures to tie the space together. Every detail mattered to our clients, from the shower fixtures to the feet on the tub. Finding these classic fixtures in an oil-rubbed bronze, while challenging, really accentuated the final product. The modern amenities in a traditional style made for a more functional space and very happy homeowners. 


    The Final Result

    This historic bathroom remodel successfully achieved the homeowner's goal of modernizing their 100-year-old home while preserving its timeless charm.

    Through a well-designed and executed plan, the space was refreshed and updated, seamlessly blending contemporary elements with the bathroom's original features. The final result is a bathroom that looks like it has always belonged in the home, a perfect fusion of old and new. The homeowner can now enjoy a space that beautifully combines the nostalgia of the past with the convenience and comfort of the present.

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