Project Case Study:
    From Partitioned Home to Open-Concept for Optimal Functionality and Enjoyment

    Better Builders completed a kitchen remodel project for clients who have a passion for cooking and entertaining. Their goal was to merge three distinct areas - the kitchen, sitting room, and formal dining room - into a unified, contemporary space. The aim was to create an open environment that would foster engagement and participation for everyone involved. The original kitchen, situated at the west end, was both small and outdated in design.

    The formal dining room, situated at the east end of the house, was separate from the kitchen and rarely used.

    The sitting room, located between the kitchen and the formal dining room, was rarely utilized due to its small size, limited seating, and isolation from other group activities.



    Complex Structural Engineering for an Open and Unified Environment

    Opening these spaces required complex structural engineering. The wall removals required supporting the loads from the second floor and meeting the engineering requirements for shear wall and lateral support. These beams and their connections to the posts they sit on were a challenge to install because of the complex nature in which the home was originally framed.

    All these loads had to be carried through the finished basement below and rest on new footings below the basement floor. 
    Production began by building temporary support walls, as all the target walls were load-bearing. This allowed us to remove the walls separating these spaces, as well as those defining the hallway. Ceilings were removed throughout.

    To accommodate this challenge, structural posts remained in place and incorporated into the design, creating an open colonnade for architectural interest.



    Creating a Seamless Design and Functional Home Through Room-Swapping

    Finally, the former media room and formal dining spaces were swapped. The media area is now included in the open space, and the dining room is now adjacent to the kitchen, where it is used more regularly.





    A Meticulous Approach to the Center Kitchen Island and Illumination

    The spacious center kitchen island featured a large, single-slab countertop that served as both a workspace and a seating area. The countertop, measuring 64 x 120 inches and weighing 789 lbs., necessitated meticulous planning for on-site labor, transfer routing, and precise installation.

    Natural daylight now floods the space from all directions. For evening, recessed can lighting runs throughout – all on dimmers for ambiance.


    Creating a Harmonious Blend Through Guided Selection

    The Better Builders design team guided the selection of hardwoods and staircase details, cabinetry, countertops, tile and color. The muted palette and clean lines work well with our couple’s eclectic furnishings and artworks.


    The Final Result: Enhanced Traffic Flow and Utilization

    The flow of traffic and activities has significantly improved, optimizing the utilization and enjoyment of every corner of the once-partitioned home. The final result perfectly aligns with the homeowners' vision and our intended outcome.

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