Magnolia Pool, Deck, & Art Studio

    Rex Awards 2019: Landscape & Outdoor Living Excellence

    This project was composed of several unique challenges. The home and pool reside on a challenging lot with steep slopes and limited access. The pool was old and had tilted more than 4" downhill out of level. Because of the restrictive access and limited budget, we needed to repair the pool, not replace it. A unique and creative design allowed us to accomplish this with a new concrete coping and vibrant tile accent at the edge of the pool.

    The existing decks were in disrepair and in need of a complete overhaul. With the dream of the homeowners to integrate an art studio into their beautiful nature filled back yard, we were presented with unique challenges. The design embraced the difficulties and allowed for a unique solution which joined the elevated outdoor living spaces with the pool level and art studio.

    The linear design of the decking and cable rail demanded precision layout and installation to achieve the perfect look and realize the clean design. IPE decking and treads were selected for that species’ natural beauty as it weathers and for its longevity.

    The proof of excellence is in every material selection, design detail and contractors commitment. Of note, the concrete wall joining the pool with the art studio shares the same detailed IPE wood cap. This in turn ties in continuity with the IPE copping detail at the edge of the pool. Also of note, the linear design of the privacy fence with carefully spaced horizontal rails visually enhances the landscape and gives the impression that the outdoor space is larger that it actually is.

    Final Result: a beautifully crafted outdoor space that these homeowners will enjoy for years to come, with the addition of a seamlessly integrated art studio.