Detached Garages in Seattle, WA

    Do you dream of parking your car in a sheltered garage instead of out on the street? Are you desperate for more storage space or an area to pursue hobbies like woodworking or vintage car restoration? If so, you could benefit from a garage. As Seattle’s home renovation expert, Better Builders is ready to help you construct the perfect detached garage for your needs.

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    Should I Add a Detached Garage?

    Here’s what to consider when comparing an attached garage vs. a detached garage:

    • The shape and size of your lot: Consider how garage placement will affect the shape of your remaining yard. For instance, a long, narrow lot could be a natural fit for a detached garage, leaving space for a yard between the house and the new structure.
    • The use you have in mind: If you intend to tinker on vintage cars or set up a woodshop, you may appreciate the privacy and sound dampening of a detached garage set away from the main living space. Even if you simply park your car in the detached garage, you’ll have fewer worries about fumes entering the house.
    • Age and design of your home: Many historic single-family dwellings don’t have a garage, and attaching one to the house would look awkward. An alleyway or other access point behind your home could make a detached garage the better choice.

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    Design Considerations for a Detached Garage

    Before you begin building, speak to a designer about these concerns:

    • Size of the garage: The minimum dimensions for a one-car garage are 14 feet by 20 feet, and a two-car garage should be at least 20 feet by 24 feet. Still, it never hurts to include an extra 6 to 8 feet if your property size allows.
    • How close it should be to the house: Whether you want to minimize the distance between the house and the garage or put more space between the two structures, remember that you must adhere to building codes and HOA regulations. Contact the applicable authorities before you finalize your detached garage design.
    • Weatherproofing: It’s more affordable to install insulation and HVAC systems during new construction, so add these now if you think you’ll ever use the garage as a living or hobby space.
    • Storage: Built-in garage storage provides the ideal place for gardening tools, sporting equipment, and holiday decorations that you don’t want to keep in the house.
    • Security: At the very least, install locks on your detached garage doors. Consider surveillance cameras and other security measures as well.
    • Exterior finishes: For design continuity, the new structure should match the house as closely as possible. This means choosing a designer who can find corresponding exterior finishes for the most beautiful results.

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    Why Choose Better Builders for Detached Garage Additions in Seattle, WA?

    Better Builders pursues excellence in everything we do. Our home remodeling team is ready to tackle your detached garage project! Here’s why our clients love working with us:

    • We deliver the best quality and value for your investment.
    • We incorporate sustainability into our award-winning designs.
    • Our prices and design process are completely transparent.
    • We are licensed, insured, and have an A+ rating with the BBB.
    • Everything we do is backed by a five-year craftsmanship warranty.

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