Home Office Renovations in Seattle, WA

    For many Seattle employees, the temporary work-from-home situation has become permanent. If the kitchen counter or dining room table is no longer a viable option, consider adding a home office. With a comfortable, secluded place to work, you’ll discover that your productivity level soars. Team up with Better Builders for your project! As Seattle’s renovation experts, we’re confident we can offer a finished product that checks every item off your list.

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    Home Office

    Things to Consider for Your Home Office Addition

    Each person’s ideal home office looks a little different. Here’s what to consider as you launch your project:

    • Where will you put your home office? We are accustomed to converting spare bedrooms, basement rooms, garages, and walk-in closets into home offices. We can also partition existing rooms or bump out the exterior walls to find the square footage you need.
    • What time of day will you use your home office? This can affect lighting and eye strain more than you realize. Depending on the room’s orientation and the time of day you work, you may need window coverings and artificial lighting.
    • What type of work do you do? Are you on the computer all day? Do you have conference calls several times a week? What about clients visiting your home? All of these factors affect how your home office should look.
    • What inspires creativity and productivity? A large window is a must if you enjoy looking outside while you work. Then, soundproof windows and doors are helpful if you need a quiet place to work.

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    What to Include in a Home Office Addition

    Whether you remodel an existing room or bump out the walls, here are the features that maximize comfort and productivity in any home office addition:

    • Ergonomic furniture: Look for a sit/stand desk with a pull-out keyboard tray. Then, find a comfortable office chair with adjustable armrests, a headrest, and lumbar support.
    • Storage furniture: Maximize beauty and home value with built-in cabinets and shelving in your home office.
    • Lighting: Most offices benefit from a combination of general and task lighting. LED lights integrated into the bookshelves also add an upscale effect.
    • Electrical work: Offices must usually accommodate more electronics than any other room in the house. Consider whether you need more outlets or an electrical panel upgrade.
    • Decorative features: Adding visually attractive elements to your home office makes it a beautiful place to work. Consider crown molding, a calming wall color, and ornamental shelf accessories.

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    Why Choose Better Builders for Home Office Additions in Seattle, WA?

    Our team is excited to work with you! Here are the qualities that set us apart from other home remodelers in Seattle:

    • We deliver the best quality and value.
    • We incorporate sustainability into our award-winning designs.
    • Our prices and design process are completely transparent.
    • We are licensed, insured, and have an A+ rating with the BBB.
    • Everything we do is backed by a five-year craftsmanship warranty.

    Better Builders has been putting our customers’ best interests first since we opened in 2010. Trust us to help you make the right choices for your home office with versatile design options catered to your productivity needs. We promise that if you place your confidence in our team, you’ll enjoy years of satisfaction from your new home office!

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