Rec Room Additions in Seattle, WA

Imagine if you had a room separate from the rest of the house where you could play games with friends and family without worrying about cluttering up the main living area. If this sounds like a dream come true, your family could benefit from having a game/rec room.

The Better Builders team would be happy to help you get more out of your home with a new game room. We have over a decade of experience providing award-winning designs to homeowners in the Seattle area.

Two woman smiling and playing billiards in their new rec and game room.

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Benefits of Having a Rec Room

As you think about whether you want to add a rec room, consider the benefits that await you:

  • Clutter-free living room
    With a dedicated space to store games, toys, and other family fun items, it’s far easier to maintain that formal living room look.

  • Separate areas for kids and adults to hang out
    If you invite family friends over, a rec room gives the kids a place to blow off some steam while the adults mingle in the living room.

  • Custom space to meet your needs
    No two rec rooms are exactly alike. It’s easy to design yours to your exact specifications with help from a designer.

How to Put a Game Room to Good Use

A game room is ideal if you have kids or love to entertain a lively crowd. How will you use your game room to the fullest? Here are some popular ideas:

  • Set up arcade and pinball machines
  • Create a space dedicated to foosball, air hockey, or ping pong
  • Design the ultimate video game hangout
  • Have family board game nights
  • Host sporting events and movie nights on a large projector screen
  • Have friends over for billiards or poker tournaments, complete with appetizers and drinks
  • Make a party room where your kids and their friends want to hang out

Design Considerations When Building a Rec Room

Before you begin your project, make sure you know the answers to these questions:

  • Where will the rec room go? Popular options include finishing the basement, converting the attic, or enclosing the loft. If you don’t have any extra square footage available, consider creating a purpose-built home addition or building a detached shed or garage to serve as your rec room.

  • What does the rec room need to succeed?
    The room may require extra outlets, internet wiring, a built-in sound system, and specialty lighting. Consider that you’ll need to install plumbing if you want to include a wet bar or an additional restroom. And it never hurts to have motorized blackout curtains and soundproof walls.

  • How will you decorate your rec room?
    Think about selecting a theme based on the use you have in mind. A sophisticated man cave may be suitable for playing poker or watching football, while a retro ’80s vibe could be the perfect backdrop for playing video games or pinball.

Why Choose Better Builders for Game/Rec Rooms in Seattle, WA?

At Better Builders, we help our clients renovate their homes to suit their lifestyle. We’re ready to cater to your unique needs as we design a one-of-a-kind rec room for your family. Here’s what we offer:

  • The best quality and value for your investment
  • Sustainability incorporated into every design
  • Transparent pricing and design process
  • General Contractor License, insurance coverage, and an A+ rating with the BBB
  • Five-year craftsmanship warranty for your peace of mind


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