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    Backyard Remodeling Projects to do Before Summer

    Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, this summer will look a bit different for many people. Safe-at-home precautions will have many people spending warm summer days at home, forgoing the crowds at the beach, parks, or baseball stadium.

    With this in mind, the timing has never been better to undertake that backyard remodeling project. The backyard is likely to be the hot hangout in communities across the country in summer 2020.

    There are a number of backyard renovations that can make for a much more enjoyable space to spend time in.

    Build a Deck

    Deck overlooking lake Washington

    Lake Washington Deck, Build by Better Builders

    With people craving changes of scenery, a new deck is sure to be a popular hangout this summer. It makes for a great place to house the grill and all related accessories as well as a place for the kids to kick off their wet and muddy shoes before coming into the house.

    By serving as a valuable transition between your home’s interior and the backyard, the deck serves as an extension for your living room, kitchen, and dining areas, creating a functional outdoor living space.

    When skillfully paired with complementary roof and siding colors, a deck is an aesthetically pleasing annex that can add significant resale value to your home. A particularly clever idea is to add a pass-through window between your deck and the kitchen, adding convenience for those marathon summer grilling sessions.

    Now is the perfect time to start this backyard remodeling project. Start your project now so that it’s ready to enjoy during those prime summer months.

    Add an Outdoor Kitchen

    If creating a new environment is a top priority for you this summer, you’ve likely already considered adding to your outdoor space. A backyard kitchen allows for more cooking outdoors and eliminates running into and out of the house when preparing meals.

    An outdoor kitchen can also help lower HVAC costs in your house. Decreasing trips in and outside, less cool air will escape from people milling about.

    The major concern for many people in regard to outdoor kitchens, is how they will fare in the rain. Fortunately, there are endless designs that can shield your space from the elements while giving a decorative touch. Furthermore, solid surface kitchen countertops were seemingly made for outdoor use, as their durable, nonporous design makes them easy to clean while preventing any staining or water damage.

    Install a Pool

    pool house and backyard remodeling project

    Magnolia Pool House, Build by Better Builders

    While pools are no minor backyard addition, the enjoyment could be worth its weight in gold during a safe-at-home summer.

    Soaking up the sun with the calming effect of water all around is a staple of summer. However, many people are afraid of ruining their yard with the puddles formed from splashing water. If this is the case, there are permeable drainage options that can be added to your backyard and patio and, when paired creatively with driveway drainage ideas, can give your backyard a natural, puddle free aspect.

    Improve the Fences

    Improve the Fences

    North Admiral New Construction, Build by Better Builders

    For those planning on spending additional time in the backyard this summer, safety and privacy are of utmost concern. Upgrading the fences with tall, sturdy, sustainable materials are a great way to ensure both.

    New fences are a quality investment for properties of all sizes at all times, as buyers seek the security and homey look that fencing provides all year long.

    While this backyard remodeling project can be done any time of year, now is a great time to start planning!

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