Kitchen Additions in Seattle, WA

    Are you finding it difficult to manage your growing family and the need for more space in your kitchen? Do you like hosting large gatherings but feel cramped in your tiny kitchen? Don't let a tiny kitchen stress you out during dinner prep.

    Better Builders can help you achieve your dream of having a spacious and luxurious kitchen. Our team specializes in tearing down interior walls, bumping out exterior walls, and borrowing square footage from nearby rooms to make your kitchen larger and more functional.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Kitchen Additions

    Q: When to Add an Addition vs. Remodel Your Kitchen

    If your kitchen is cramped and poorly configured, putting in new fixtures and finishes may not be enough. You might also need to enlarge the kitchen rather than simply remodel it to get the features and functionality you crave.

    Of course, an addition can include kitchen remodeling elements, such as replacing the countertops, cabinets, and flooring, but most importantly, an addition increases the square footage of the space.

    Q: What are common kitchen addition projects?

    • Cabinetry extension
      Perhaps your formal dining room doesn't get used often, but the adjacent kitchen feels overcrowded. You can double the size of your kitchen by tearing down the wall and extending the cabinetry.

    • Adding a Kitchen Island
      By bumping out kitchen walls, you can make space for the island you’ve always wanted. This addition provides much-needed seating, storage, and counter space.

    • Eat-in Kitchen Area
      Do you wish you had a breakfast nook where your family could slow down and start the day together? Maybe you want a place for the kids to do homework while you cook dinner. Either way, the extra space from a kitchen addition can create the functional area you desire.

    • Building a Walk-in Pantry
      You’ll have plenty of space to store food and small appliances when you convert that unused kitchen corner into a walk-in pantry.

    • Layout Reconfiguration
      Pushing out the walls might make you realize your kitchen would function better if you altered its layout. Better Builders can design and implement the reconfiguration you need to maximize your kitchen’s usability.

    Q: What are the benefits of a kitchen addition?

    There are many ways you can benefit from adding square footage to your existing kitchen including:

    • Improve functionality
      There’s no question that a larger kitchen is more functional. Adding other advanced features — such as smart appliances and custom storage solutions — boosts this benefit even more.

    • Raise your property value
      The kitchen is often the first thing home buyers look at. Your enlarged, functional kitchen is sure to garner attention and justify a higher asking price.

    • Enjoy greater accessibility
      A kitchen addition that incorporates aging-in-place design keeps your home beautiful and functional even as your mobility needs change over time.

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