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Design the Ultimate Outdoor Living Space

Upgrade your outdoor living space to have a beautiful place to relax, barbecue, dine al fresco, or entertain guests. Here are a few popular outdoor living space ideas:

  • Build an outdoor kitchen or living room with a fireplace
  • Install a new deck, cover your existing deck, or swap out your wood deck for one made of composite material
  • Create a garage, studio space, or workshop
  • Build a patio made of wood, paver, cement, or composite
  • Construct a second-story veranda
  • Add a screened-in porch or sunroom
  • Build a fence or wall
  • Install a pool or hot tub

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Frequently Asked Questions About Remodeling Outdoor Living Spaces

Q: How do you plan an outdoor living space remodel or addition?

Better Builders has developed a systematic approach to building and remodeling that prioritizes the client's needs and ensures a positive client experience before, during, and after the project is complete. Check out the full process here.

Q: Can I build a cover over my existing patio or deck?

Yes! Patio covers are the perfect solution for weather in the Pacific Northwest. Patio covers are a great way to enhance your outdoor living space and utilize it even when it rains.

Q: What are the benefits of outdoor living?

Why should you spend time outside if you have a perfectly good house? Here are the top benefits of adding outdoor living space to your Seattle home:

  • Expanded living area: Whether you want more space or to enjoy a change of scenery, an outdoor hangout spot is a place to go.

  • Easy to entertain: Your backyard will become party central once you have a good way to cook, eat, lounge, and play outside.

  • Stimulation for the senses: Enjoy beautiful sights, fresh smells, and charming songbirds in your outdoor living space.

  • Boosted immune system: Spending time outdoors can do wonders for your health.

  • Improved mental health: Being outside is widely recognized as a mood booster, relieving depression and stress as you slow down and take in the world around you.

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