Bathroom Additions in Seattle, WA

    Perhaps you love your home’s layout, kitchen design, and location. The only problem is there aren’t enough bathrooms. Rather than moving, you can add an extra bathroom with help from Better Builders.

    We are a design/build firm with over a decade of experience serving Seattle-area homeowners. Team up with our award-winning design team to enjoy a positive experience from start to finish.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Bathroom Additions

    Q: What are the different types of bathrooms I can add to my home?

    1. Master bathroom addition. If you’re tired of sharing a bathroom with your kids and guests, you may want to build a private master suite.

    2. Kids’ bathroom addition. If the hall bathroom isn’t enough to accommodate your growing family, it could be time to add another bathroom somewhere else.

    3. Guest bathroom addition. Do you love hosting guests? Make them feel more comfortable with a bathroom to call their own whenever they visit.

    4. Basement bathroom addition. Having an extra bathroom in your basement could be beneficial.

    5. Half-bath addition. Sometimes, an extra toilet and sink on the main floor are all you need to make your home more functional.

    Q: What are the benefits of adding an extra bathroom?

    • Privacy.
      Nothing creates the feeling of an in-home retreat more than an extra bathroom. You’ll appreciate the added privacy when you settle in for a long, uninterrupted bubble bath.

    • Support your growing family.
      If you have a full house, arguing over who gets to use the bathroom next is probably a daily struggle. Adding an extra bathroom helps your growing family live comfortably together.

    • Accommodate guests.
      Perhaps relatives love staying with you, but they don’t want to share your bathroom. A private guest suite is a perfect way to accommodate their needs.

    • Boost home value.
      Adding an extra bathroom can increase resale value by 10-20%.

    Q: What should I consider when planning a bathroom addition?

    • Location: On which floor will you build your bathroom addition? Will you convert an under-used room or bump out the walls to create extra square footage? Better Builders can help you decide what’s best.

    • Size: Keep in mind that 18 square feet can accommodate a powder room or half-bath, but you need at least 30 square feet for a full bath. If you want a separate tub and shower, you’re looking at 35 square feet.

    • Uses: Not every bathroom serves the same purpose. Knowing who will use the space can help you decide what fixtures, finishes, and layout are best.


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