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Mastering Your Master Bedroom Design

When you’re a kid, your bedroom design revolves around what color your parents will let you paint the walls and how many posters you can cram into any given space. You need a bed, somewhere to keep your clothes, and maybe a desk for all the homework you’re totally doing. The first time you’re out on your own, usually in a halfway decent apartment, you try to make your space a bit more mature while also staying in the boundaries of rental rules. Now, you’re ready to create your perfect master bedroom with a carefully curated design. Where do you even begin?!

The Function

The first thing you need to determine is what all function you hope to get out of your master bedroom space. For some, the mast bedroom is simply somewhere to store your clothes and get some sleep. For others, the master bedroom is designed to serve as the ultimate relaxation space. From there, figure out everything you want to have in your bedroom. If your relaxation goals include a full-scale entertainment center to enjoy from the comfort of your bed, you’ll need to plan proper electrical for that. If your space involves some kind of cozy lounge corner, you’ll need to determine how you plan to break up the space and what kind of furniture will fit. Maybe an organized closet is what brings you peace, plan on how much space needs to be dedicated to that and if you’ll use built-in’s or store-bought organization solutions.

The Feel

It’s easy to go on Pinterest and build an idea board of bedroom designs that you love, and having these ideas ahead of time can be extremely helpful. But it’s easy to find yourself wrapped up in the idea of what you think you want and not having that line up with reality. When approaching the design phase, it is important to think about not only how you want your space to feel, but how you want to feel in your space.

If you’re looking for a relaxing spa like vibe you should stick with neutral tones, clean lines and minimal “stuff” to avoid feeling cluttered. If your style is a little more luxurious and ‘glam’ you may want to account for some larger statement furniture pieces or involving louder colors or patterns. Red may be your favorite color, but if you want your space to be relaxing, that may not be the best choice color choice for paint. Every aspect of your space will impact how it makes you feel, so consider every little detail.

The Color

When Choosing the color for your bedroom walls, we suggest choosing from a “restful palette” of colors. In a previous blog we talked all about color theory and how to choose the perfect shade that encourages rest. Cool tones like blues and greens are usually more calming. You must also choose how dark or light you want the shade, as well as the sheen of the paint. All these decisions without even considering options like wallpaper or feature walls like shiplap or tile. If you have any special finishes for the room, those also need to be in account. It’s not uncommon for people to design their bedroom around a special furniture piece or patterned bedding they can’t live without.

The Finishing Touches

Arguably, the most fun aspect of designing a master bedroom is selecting all of your décor. There are some basics that may seem obvious, like how you should choose the right size furniture for your space, or make sure that you have ample storage. When in doubt, keep it simple. Furnish your bedroom with only what you need, anything else is clutter. The basics are bed side tables, bedside lighting, a bed frame and a quality mattress. To create a luxurious space, consider investing in quality sheets and additional cozy bedding. Investing in good window coverings is somewhere you can add color, patter or texture to your space while also maintaining privacy and blocking the morning light. Add one or two statement pieces and you’ll create a space that is uniquely you. For more tips on furniture and décor, visit this blog from our design partners at Housewarming Seattle.

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