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    Creative Storage Ideas to Make Better Use of the Home's Lesser-used Space

    At one point or another, everyone talks about needing more space in their home. But, it’s amazing how much more space you have when you have an organized way to store all of your clutter. Here’s a list of unique ways you can get more out of the space you have.

    How to Add More Storage to a Kitchen

    Maximize Countertop Space

    Photo: Better Builders, West Seattle whole house remodel

    One way to free up countertop space is to hide clunky appliances like microwaves. These common countertop appliances can easily be mounted during a kitchen remodel, but another idea is to create an “appliance garage.”

    This is typically a designated cabinet where you can store other common countertop devices like blenders, toasters, and stand mixers out of sight but close and convenient for everyday use.

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    Built-In Spice Storage

    Photo: Better Builders, Bothell kitchen remodel

    A well-organized spice rack can be a feat on its own. There are so many organization options available at the various storage stores it's hard to know which one will be right for your space.

    Take the guessing out of the decision and plan to include storage space in your cabinetry.


    Custom Corner Cabinet Design

    Photo: Maple Leaf kitchen remodel

    That awkward corner cabinet can often be a major pain. There’s either insufficient space to store items or a deep cavern you end up shoulder-deep in to reach your goods.

    Many designs make corner cabinets or drawers hard to access and usually waste some space.

    This special corner cabinet design ensures you capitalize on every inch of storage.


    Built-In Garbage & Recycling Storage

    Photo Credit

    Garbage and recycling cans are necessary for all kitchens, but they can be a real eye-sore.

    When working on your cabinetry design, consider adding a dedicated garbage and recycling pull-out!


    Hidden Knife Storage

    Photo: Maple Leaf kitchen remodel

    Having a plan for storing sharp kitchen knives is important. While you could opt for your everyday countertop knife block, there are a few more creative storage options, like a designated knife drawer with special inserts designed to store knives safely.

    Alternatively, you could hang a magnetic knife surface on the wall backsplash.


    Built-In Bench Seating for the Eat-In Kitchen

    Photo: Better Builders, Roosevelt kitchen remodel

    It’s a common design plan to add built-in seating for a dine-in kitchen

    Create extra functionality by making bench seating double as additional storage.


    Hidden Pull-Out Mixer

    Photo: Better Builders, Capital Hill whole house remodel

    Take appliance garages a step further with a mount for your stand mixer to easily slide in and out of your baking cabinet.

    This way, your mixer is only out when you need it, and it won’t take up valuable counter space.



    Hidden Storage Ideas 

    Utilize the Space Under the Stairs

    Photo: Better Builders, Fauntlee Hills basement remodel

    Many people utilize the space under the stairs for storage. Options range from shelving to custom cabinetry to an open closet.

    Additionally, if you have a landing in your stairwell, you could utilize the landing space for trap-door style storage.


    Build Storage Space
    Behind a Mounted Tv

    Photo Credit

    With the proper planning, your builder may be able to create a hidden storage space behind a wall-mounted television.


    Hybrid Guest Bath & Laundry Room

    Photo: Better Builders, Capitol Hill whole house remodel

    Many homes have a combined bathroom and laundry space.

    This homeowner took functionality a step further by creating a slide-out folding table next to the laundry machines, integrated with the bathroom storage.


    Built-In Drawers Under the Bed

    Photo Credit

    You’re likely utilizing a bed frame anyway, so why not add some spare storage too?


    Built-In Murphy Bed

    Photo Credit

    Many Seattle area homes are limited in space. If you need a WFH office most of the time and space for guests occasionally, a built-in murphy bed may be an excellent solution for creating a hybrid space!


    Hidden Storage With Pull-Out Bench

    No room for a dedicated mudroom space? No problem!

    For this homeowner, we created a custom storage solution near the front door with drawers for storage and a slide-out bench to sit down and take off dirty shoes.

    home office

    Leverage Unused Spaces

    Garage Hanging Storage

    Photo Credit

    Often, areas like garages and attics have ample unused space, perfect for bulky storage.

    The ceiling of your garage is a great place to add hanging systems for storing things like totes of holiday decorations and other bulky items you don’t need access to all the time.


    Build an Attic System

    Photo Credit

    Depending on the style of your roof and the existence of an attic, this can be another great area for bonus storage.

    If you have a gable or hip roof, you may be able to build some storage shelving.


    Look Beyond What Your Space is, to See What it Could Be!

    The possibilities are seemingly endless when it comes to making the most of the space you have available. Anything is possible if you work with a builder who has experience coming up with creative solutions to everyday problems and is willing to try new things. “Custom storage solutions” truly mean custom, designed especially for you and your family's needs.

    If you want to learn more about how to make the most of the space your home has to offer, download our eBook: “Space Planning 101: How to Renovate Your Home Layout to Improve Functionality.”

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