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    Bathroom Refresh on a Budget

    Doing a bathroom refresh on a budget can be hard work, but it’s definitely rewarding! While we would love to help you completely remodel your bathroom, sometimes a major project just isn’t within the budget. While you save up to create the spa bathroom of your dreams, here are a few simple, budget-friendly refreshes to update your space. 


    #1 Fresh Paint 

    While this first option may seem obvious, it will make a big impact on your space. Simple yet effective, a fresh coat of paint can revive your space.

    When selecting the kind of paint for your bathroom, there are some options that are bathroom specific. You can find some mildew-resistant options or options that are generally better for high-humidity spaces. Look into water-based latex paint for a low VOC (volatile organic compounds) option that is also easier to clean later.

    The best paint finishes for bathrooms are semi-gloss or gloss; the sheen helps the paint resist absorbing extra moisture. 


    #2 Swap Out Cabinetry Hardware 

    Purchasing a new vanity may not be within the budget right now, but small details can make a big difference. Changing out the knobs or pulls on your bathroom cabinets is an easy update with endless possibilities. You can go rustic, modern, vintage, or whatever suits your style.

    You can find a variety of knobs and pulls at your local hardware store. Or, if you’re open to a more eclectic look, you can sometimes find a variety of vintage hardware stores like Goodwill, Value Village, or other local antique shops. 


    #3 New Fixtures 

    A step up from new hardware would be to swap out your fixtures. While this option is more costly, it’s still cheaper than remodeling the entire bathroom. Find a new faucet, towel bars, shower head, toilet paper holder, or anything to make a change.

     If you’re looking for a most cost-sensitive option and aren’t opposed to getting your hands dirty, you could also spray paint existing fixtures a new color to refresh the space. 


    #4 Update the Light Fixtures

    Updating the lighting can change the entire feel of a room. Changing lighting fixtures will make a big aesthetic impact with or without the lights turned on. Take down the bar light from the 1980s and replace it with more modern fixtures.

    You can also change the feel of the room by changing the kind of bulb you have in the fixture. Finding a brighter bulb can wake up the space. Finding a warmer-hued light can help create a more relaxing atmosphere. 


    #5 Swap Out the Mirror 

    Updating the mirror in your bathroom may look like finding an entirely new piece at the local Home Depot.

    Alternatively, you could find a creative way to spruce up the existing piece, like adding a frame! Finding a slightly more artful bathroom mirror can help the space feel less sterile. 


    #6 Refresh the Accents 

    The most budget-friendly option is to change up the accents in your bathroom. Purchase new towels, a shower curtain, and a bathmat.

    If you have neutral walls, this is a great opportunity to choose a bolder shower curtain. This option is also great for the person who maybe isn’t sure exactly what they’ll want in the long run. 

    Be Prepared for More Extensive Changes

    Are you planning a bathroom renovation within the next couple of years? Start preparing by reading our eBook, "The Homeowner's Guide to Planning a Remarkable Renovation." 


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