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    Ideas for Luxury Walk-In Showers

    Walk-in showers can create a roomy and luxurious feeling as a result of a bathroom remodeling project. The open sight lines create a seamless transition to the rest of the bathroom making the entire space feel much bigger. Other added benefits of having a walk-in shower include creating a safer bathing atmosphere for children, the elderly, or handi-capable individuals. They also work well with today’s minimalist design trends.

    Walk-In Shower Design Options

    There are countless different ways to include a stylish walk-in shower in your bathroom remodeling plans. Perhaps the most widely used right now is a glass enclosure as the glass helps to create a feeling that the shower is larger and the bathroom is light and airy. Here are some ideas for creating a walk-in showers in your bathroom.

    Barrier Free Showers

    You can walk right into the shower with no enclosure or door at all.

    Ideas for Luxury Walk-In Showers

    Project: Capitol Hill Master Suite Bath and Closets

    This curbless design is perfect for users of all ability as there is no barrier to entry. This design works by creating a slight grade to the floor to direct the water toward the linear drain along the back wall. The shower is also equipped with two body sprayers and a handheld attachment. Side by side with a spa like tub, this master bath has the perfect balance of luxury and functionality.

    Artful Tile Inserts

    Some people like to make use of or display a fancier and more eye-catching tile in just one portion of the shower walls. This is most often done as a focal point on the back shower wall. It can also save money on tile.

    Contemporary Shower Tiles

    Many people are choosing to go with classic subway tiles from floor to ceiling for a contemporary yet very trendy look.

    Natural Stone Showers

    Natural stone is a way to bring high luxury into your bathroom as well as a sleek and stylish finish.

    Ideas for Luxury Walk-In Showers

    Project: Westwood Luxury Bath (Rex Awards 2019: Bath Excellence)

    By running the same tile from the shower space along all the walls of the bathroom, you avoid breaking up a small space into even smaller chunks. This imported smokey gray tile was the perfect choice for this homeowner’s vision. Paired with the blue granite slab features, the homeowners were able to compile some of the cultures, textures, and colors they had experienced in their travels.

    Shower Views

    Some homes sit on land with breathtaking views, why not bring those views into the bathroom. With the right plans, you can enjoy breathtaking views from your new luxury shower.

    Unique Showers

    Who says your shower has to be a big box utilizing one of the existing bathroom walls? There are many uniquely shaped showers, some placed in the center of the room that turn the shower into a focal work of art in itself.

    Simple Showers / Minimalism

    If you have ever looked for shower ideas on Pinterest you may have stumbled across the popular showers with the blacked framed panels of glass, black hardware, and all-white tiles. This look is simple yet elegant and brings sophistication to the room.

    Super Modern Showers

    The “modern” look is very much a sought after design aesthetic right now. Using out-of-the-box finish materials like metals or sleek concrete to create a fashion forward design. Just keep in mind this forward and slick trend will not look “modern” forever.

    Ideas for Luxury Walk-In Showers

    Project: Finn Hill Master Bath

    Beachy or Farmhouse Showers

    Two more design aesthetics that are very popular right now in bathrooms are the beachy and farmhouse/rustic looks. Bringing these into a shower can include using specific tiles with the looks and feel that go along with other fixtures in the bathroom. For example: a beachy bathroom could make use of cool aqua mosaic tiles with an iridescent finish that feels like sparkling sea water.

    A farmhouse shower would look nice with faux shiplap walls using long tiles that look like white wooden boards.

    No matter what your style dreams are for your new bathroom and walk-in shower we can help you make your visions a reality so you are enjoying a quality bathroom remodel for many years to come. The bathroom may just become your new favorite room in the house. If you are ready to get your own walk in shower, we are here to help you in any way possible. Talk to us with any comments and questions.

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