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    July 18, 2024

    4 Warning Signs of Bathroom Plumbing Issues You Can't Ignore

    Bathrooms are the most water-utilizing spaces in homes, making them particularly susceptible to plumbing issues like leaks, clogged drains, pipe bursts, and flooding. Unfortunately, much of the plumbing infrastructure ...


    June 27, 2024

    7 Creative Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas to Maximize Functionality and Space

    Homeowners often have preconceived notions based on their experiences or advice from friends, family, and other contractors. However, a high-quality design-build firm will offer fresh perspectives and non-traditional ...

    August 10, 2023

    The Ultimate Bathroom Renovation Checklist: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Designing Your Dream Space

    Many homeowners often prioritize bathroom remodeling projects due to the high level of usage they experience and their desire for these spaces to serve as a tranquil retreat for relaxation. Enhancing your bathroom not ...

    November 17, 2022

    16 Creative Ways to Make Your Home’s Multipurpose Spaces More Functional

    The term “functional” is defined differently by everyone. What may be functional for you and your family could present serious challenges for someone else. When looking at multipurpose spaces in your home, it’s ...


    June 23, 2022

    Top Reasons to Involve Your General Contractor in the Home Design Process

    Taking on a home remodeling or new build project can be a daunting task. The first hurdle to cross is figuring out where to start. Oftentimes, homeowners decide to dive straight into the home design process because it’s ...

    July 16, 2021

    Bathroom Refresh on a Budget

    Doing a bathroom refresh on a budget can be hard work, but it’s definitely rewarding! While we would love to help you completely remodel your bathroom, sometimes a major project just isn’t within the budget. While you ...

    April 23, 2021

    Bathroom Basics: Must Know Floor Plans

    Whether you are looking to remodel an existing space, or create a new bathroom from scratch, layout makes a big difference. From water closets to extravagant spa master bathrooms, any space can be luxurious with the ...

    March 12, 2021

    Choosing the Right Flooring for Your Remodel

    Choosing the right flooring for your remodel can be challenging. There are so many options, and so little time to research what will look and feel the best while standing the test of time. Here we’ve shared some do’s ...


    February 12, 2021

    5 Bathroom Design Trends for 2021

    One of the first steps when planning a bathroom remodel is finding inspiration. No matter your personal style, creating a visual idea board is step one for many people. From tubs and showers to sinks, vanities, and ...

    December 18, 2020

    How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Tub with a Shower

    Turning a bathtub into a shower is growing in popularity with many homeowners right now. But what should you think about before making the move from a tub to a shower and how much should you expect it to cost?

    October 16, 2020

    Ideas for Luxury Walk-In Showers

    Walk-in showers can create a roomy and luxurious feeling as a result of a bathroom remodeling project. The open sight lines create a seamless transition to the rest of the bathroom making the entire space feel much ...

    September 25, 2020

    Designing a Bathroom for Aging in Place

    If you’ve already found your forever home, it is wise to consider long term factors when designing for a remodel. When designing a bathroom for aging in place, safety and accessibility are key. Planning space that ...