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    5 Bathroom Design Trends for 2021

    We are two months in to 2021 and we are noticing some definite bathroom design trends for the year. When you are planning a bathroom remodel, one of the first steps is finding some inspiration. No matter what your personal style is, creating a visual idea board is step one for many people. From tubs and showers, to sinks, vanities and fixtures, we are here to share the inside scoop on this year’s styles with five design trends. Whether you are planning a remodel or building a new home, we hope this list sparks your creativity and inner designer!

    #1. Matte Black Fixtures and Finishes

    Black fixtures bathroom design

    Tolmers Park Project – Marc Wilson

    In 2021 we are exploring bolder, darker styles. Grey has been one of the more popular bathroom design colors the past few years, but it is time for black accents to shine! The moody bathroom color palettes are channeling an edgy gothic style but keeping things modern by only using black as an accent. The trend is most popular in vanities, mirrors, light fixtures and other finishes like drawer pulls and towel bars. Amanda Kratochvil, Interior Designer with Housewarming says, “Unlike a gold or something that could be considered gaudy depending on the year, black never goes out of style. The other really great thing is that matte black, generally speaking, is the same no matter the brand, huge bonus that it makes you feel more comfortable inter-changing manufacturers since it’s almost all the same!  The one con is that not everyone has it for faucets/plumbing fixtures, and those who do don’t always have a complete set, or look you like and can sometimes come at a premium as a specialty finish.”

    #2. Unique Tile Patterns and Shapes

    Unique Tile Patterns and Shapes

    Build by Better Builders

    While this trend may not be new, it is becoming increasingly popular in bathroom design. Classic subway tiles are tried and true, but people are looking to spice things up a bit in 2021. New technology is encouraging manufacturers to create new designs using basic tiles. Look for newer tile like hexagon, diamond, fish scale or chevron patterns in new colors and textures. Fun tile is not just for your shower walls or bathroom floor either. We are seeing unique tile used in backsplashes, accent nooks and sometimes even creating an accent piece on the ceiling or wall. Special tile can be a “safe” way to explore new styles seeing as you can use as much or as little as you want.

    #3. Big Bathtubs in Open Showers

    Tub inside shower bathroom design

    Cool Kids Project – Andrea West Design

    If you are going through the process of remodeling your bathroom, options for expansion are bound to come to mind. In fact, the goal of having more space is often the leading cause of considering a remodel in the first place. You may not have so much extra space that you can accommodate an entire wet room. But putting the tub in a big open shower gets you pretty close to the wet room goal. The bigger bathtub, the more space to relax. Open showers are not a particularly private option, but they significantly (visually) increase the size of your bathroom. They are convenient, easily accessible for most mobility levels and can be as luxurious as you want with various shower head options.

    #4. Smart Bathrooms

    Technology has been taking over our homes for the last several years. However, bathroom technology is at an all time high. From bidet toilet accessories and self-cleaning features to heated floors, bathroom tech is on the rise. One of the biggest new bathroom tech items is smart controls for showers, water conservation and leak detecting sensors. Bathroom design is involving more tech every year!

    #5. The Vintage Comeback

    Bathroom Design by Housewarming, Build by Better Builders

    Design by Housewarming, Build by Better Builders

    With most spaces converting to ultra-modern styles, homeowners are looking for ways to add a touch of something classic to their spaces. This comes easily by using vintage style fixtures at the sink or in the sower and tub. We are also seeing the vintage touch combined with the mixed metals trend.

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