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    Bathroom Basics: Must Know Floor Plans

    Whether you are looking to remodel an existing space, or create a new bathroom from scratch, layout makes a big difference. From water closets to extravagant spa master bathrooms, any space can be luxurious with the right design. Luckily, when it comes to the layout of your bathroom, we don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

    A good first step is knowing exactly what “type” of bathroom you are looking to remodel or create.

    #1. Water Closet

    A water closet is a room containing only a toilet, also referred to as a quarter bath. These are commonly found near common areas of the home that simply don’t have space or need for a half or larger bath. We often see water closets included in large laundry rooms, where a sink for handwashing is nearby.

    #2. Half Bathroom

    A half bath is a water closet that includes a sink. Again, commonly found near common areas of the home. A half-bath is great to have near areas you commonly use to entertain or for general guests to use.

    #3. Three-Quarter Bathroom

    A three-quarter bathroom includes a toilet, sink/vanity and an upright/stall shower. This design is often used in smaller bathroom’s that won’t accommodate a tub comfortably. If you don’t need or want a tub, omitting the bulky feature can help a smaller bathroom feel less cramped and look less cluttered. In some cases, this may be a bathroom with a toilet, sink and bathtub without a shower. This scenario is rare, but also counts as a three-quarter bath.

    #4. Full Bathroom

    To consider a space a full bathroom, it must contain four key fixtures: a toilet, sink, bathtub and shower. An en-suite full bathroom off the master bedroom (aka Master Suite) is one of the most desired features by today’s home buyers.

    Bathroom Floor Plan Options

    There are many options when it comes to the configuration of your bathroom. Here are some of our favorite floor plan options.

    Spa Master Bath

    Spa Master BathKnown for a larger footprint, the options seem endless with Spa bathrooms. With common features like free standing tubs, spacious walk in luxury shower and top of the line finishes; these bathrooms are the height of luxury.

    Basic Water Closet

    Basic Water ClosetThis water closet was a great addition to a spacious laundry and storage room. Located right off of the main living room and kitchen, the convenient location makes it ideal for access while entertaining.

    Full Bath with Water Closet

    Full Bath with Water ClosetIt is not uncommon to see a separate water closet within a full bathroom. A simple pocket door or frosted glass surround adds a sense of privacy.

    Separate Sinks

    Separate Sinks Having the sink(s) separated is another way to make the bathroom space easier to share. Having the toilet and tub or shower behind a door is a great option for two kids sharing a bathroom and needing some versatility to the space.

    Narrow Three-Quarter Bath

    bathroom with blue accentsThis layout is great for those looking to make the most out of a relatively small space. While this layout doesn’t offer the most privacy, the streamlined design helps to make a small space feel minimally crowded.

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