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    Better Builders has been a pioneer in the Seattle green building and green construction scene for years, hence the name Better Builders. To us, better means creating safe and healthy work and living spaces for our customers. We can build your home to any level of green building you desire. Green construction doesn't necessarily mean more expensive, and at Better Builders, we have the expertise to deliver your project on budget while keeping our environment in mind.

    At Better Builders, we've partnered with the Master Builders Association, Built Green program to incorporate sustainable products and green building into our projects. So the big question is, why build green? Built Green homes are designed to provide homeowners with comfortable, durable, environmentally friendly homes that are cost-effective to own and operate.

    These resource-efficient homes are crafted to exceed building codes and provide homeowners with years of healthy, quality living while protecting our precious Northwest environment. The Built Green designation is granted through the approval of the Master Builders Association.*

    Take a look at the Othello House, Better Builder's 5-Star Built Green Custom Home


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    ENERGY STAR® Certified Homes

    As we continue to focus on sustaining resources, we also offer ENERGY STAR® Certification on our homes. So, what is ENERGY STAR certified, and why is it important?

    Lower Cost

    Compared with standard homes, ENERGY STAR-certified homes use substantially less energy for heating, cooling, and water heating — delivering $200 to $400 in annual savings.

    Better Performance

    Properly installed, energy-efficient improvements deliver better protection against cold, heat, drafts, moisture, pollution, and noise. An energy-efficient home helps ensure consistent temperatures between and across rooms, improved indoor air quality, and greater durability.

    Smart Investment

    The trend is clear. By choosing a home with the ENERGY STAR label, you can be confident it will have an increasingly valued feature when it's time to sell.

    Environmental Protection

    Did you know your home can be a greater source of pollution than your car? In fact, 16% of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions are generated from the energy used in houses nationwide. The less energy we use in our homes, the less air pollution we generate.** Choose green construction from Better Builders and work on reducing your carbon footprint now.

    *Master Builders Association Built Green program
    **U.S. Environmental Protection Agency—U.S. Department of Energy

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