What You Should Ask Your Contractor

What You Should Ask Your Contractor

January is a popular time for homeowners to start envisioning their ideal home. The next step is taking the initiative to make that vision a reality. When it comes to remodeling and new construction, selecting your contractor is a big decision. You are trusting someone with your home, your money, and your future. You want to be sure that you are putting that trust in to someone who truly deserves it. The upcoming NW Remodeling Expo is the perfect opportunity to see what the Greater Seattle Area has to offer in the way of service providers and put your interviewing skills to the test.

2020 NW Remodeling Expo

Remodeling Expo Booth

Its almost time for the annual NW Remodeling Expo, and Better Builders can’t wait to be back! Every year the expo is a great opportunity for us to network with fellow remodelers, meet new homeowners, and share the Better Builders name. We love seeing all the new faces and excitement of people ready to start their next big project. The journey to your perfect home can be challenging, not to mention a huge decision and commitment. And we understand that! That’s why the expo is the perfect opportunity for homeowners to come and see what the Greater Seattle Area has to offer in terms of home professionals that can help those design dreams become reality.

This year the NW Remodeling Expo runs from Friday, January 24th trough Sunday, January 26th. Come and visit Better Builders at booth #1003 to check out some of our award-winning projects. We would love to discuss your project ideas, design aspirations, and how Better Builders may be a good fit for you!

While the expo is the perfect time to interview potential home professionals for your project, knowing the right questions to ask is important. Luckily, we have curated a list of qualifications to make sure your contractor meets.

Homeowner’s Guide for Hiring a Professional General Contractor

Selecting a general contractor to work with is a big decision. You are choosing a company that you will trust with your home, your family, and your money. With so much on the line, you really want to make sure you are thoroughly vetting these people. Here at Better Builders we have created a check list of twenty-seven questions any good contractor should be able to answer yes to.

Many people opt to collect bids from several different contractors before making a decision. Practicing your due diligence and making sure you’re getting the highest value for your dollar is expected. But, it is important to keep in mind that your project is about a lot more than just who can do the work for the lowest dollar amount. We have broken our list down in to six categories to think about when interviewing contractors. To give you an idea of this process, we’ve decided to share our six key categories and one sample question from each section with you here:

Contractor Interview Checklist

  1. History, Reputation, and Stability of Contractor
    • Do you only use sub-contractors that are licensed, bonded, insured and require a signed sub-contractor agreement prior to start of work?
  2. Agreements
    • Do your agreements specifically spell out all contingencies regarding the price?
  3. Projects and Experience
    • Do you have a written step-by-step process for every major type of work that you preform?
  4. Service
    • Do your crews have a written daily clean up procedure?
  5. Follow Up and Follow Through
    • Do you provide a 5-year warranty for your remodeling and new home projects on all labor and workmanship?
  6. Materials
    • Do you and your employees use environmental and health-friendly materials, caulks, and adhesives whenever possible? And, do you have policies and procedures in place to ensure their use on my job?

These are just a few of the important details you should know about a contractor before deciding to work with them. Better Builders is proud to answer a resounding YES to every credential on this list. If you are interested in the full twenty-seven question check list, come visit our booth at the NW Remodeling Expo or reach out directly to the Better Builders office.

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