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The Top 6 Kitchen Storage Ideas for Culinary Bliss

When it comes to kitchen storage, it seems like there can never be enough. While upper and lower cabinets are obvious choices, what hides behind the cabinets and drawer faces can be an entirely different story. Avoid the chaos and clutter, and make the most of your kitchen cabinets, drawers, and pantries with these storage and organization-packed ideas.

1. Closet Pantries Are Out; Pantry Cabinets Are In

Cabinet Pantries for Kitchens | Wellborn Cabinet

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Before you account for a pantry closet in your kitchen design, consider a pantry cabinet. Instead of a closet, a cabinet pantry could be a larger pantry with drawers or trays that slide out for easy access. It’s a more functional cabinet dedicated to storing food and cooking items.

This storage style blends in with the kitchen more seamlessly than a closet pantry and the pull-out organization solution is far more functional than a traditional closet, which is keen to become a black hole that things disappear into.

2. Maximize Countertop Space With Integrated Appliances


Why take up valuable countertop space with everyday appliances when you can have them built into your cabinetry?Common integrated appliances include microwaves, coffee machines, and chilling bonus drawers.

A dedicated appliance garage cabinet could be designed for appliances that can’t mount, to keep them out of sight when not in use. An appliance garage is perfect for countertop items like blenders, toasters, and tea kettles.

3. Cabinets to the Ceiling

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When designing your cabinetry plan in a kitchen remodel, you must first decide if you want the cabinets to go all the way to the ceiling. While reaching the top cabinets may not be easy, it helps your room feel taller. Top cabinets with glass fronts are often used as display space for fine dish wear or family antiques.

For homes with very high ceilings, a fun touch can be installing a sliding library ladder to reach the top.

4. The Modern Butler’s Pantry

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Make a statement with storage spaces like an open-concept modern butler's pantry. The butler's pantry is traditionally located just off the kitchen in an open-concept or walk-through style. This option adds a ton of valuable storage space while also providing a fun aesthetic alternative.

If you don’t want to make your kitchen bold, make the smaller area your statement piece. For example, use neutral cabinet colors in the kitchen and go bold with colored cabinets and patterned backsplash for the butler’s pantry.

5. Hidden Storage


Creative hidden storage is a great customization for your kitchen. Two popular hidden storage solutions are built-in spice storage and safe knife storage. A well-organized spice rack can be a feat on its own.

There are so many organization options available at the various storage stores it's hard to know which one will be right for your space. Take the guessing out of the decision and plan to include storage space in your cabinetry. Having a large knife block out on the counter can be an eye sore and a safety hazard.

This kitchen design included a designated knife storage drawer with a built-in cutting board as a cover. Safety, style, and convenience all in one!

6. Make the Most of Every Inch

False front under-sink storage

Photo courtesy of Mullet Cabinets, Inc.

Consider the areas of your kitchen that are commonly less functional or simply not used at all. One great example is the false drawer commonly used in front of the kitchen sink. With advanced planning, a few strategically placed hinges, and a stainless steel tray, you can have great storage for sponges and scrubbers.

You can also consider strategic corner cabinets and shelving built into the kitchen island that’s the normally flat front. The more creative your design team is, the more solutions you can come up with!

Unique Problems Require Custom Solutions

If you love cooking, you know just how important it is to have a well-organized, functional kitchen. The more you can make of the space you have, the better your space can serve you. It is important to work with a skilled design-build team who has years of experience creating highly custom kitchen solutions so they can bring the perfect kitchen for you and your family to life.

If you’re ready to begin the journey to the well-organized kitchen of your dreams, download our eBook, “The Kitchen Renovation Handbook: 10 Steps to Design the Kitchen of your Dreams.”

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