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    Do You Need a Permit for a Kitchen Remodel?

    One of the most common questions from homeowners when wanting to remodel the kitchen is: do I need a permit?

    In almost every kitchen renovation the answer to this question is a definite yes.

    If the kitchen remodel will require major work such as changes to the plumbing and electrical systems, it is best to expect to need a permit.

    If you are planning only a cosmetic change for a kitchen renovation such as painting the cabinetry, changing out cabinet doors, installing a new counter, or putting in a new faucet fixture you most likely will not require a permit.

    It is wise to check into the specific requirements and permit needs before beginning a kitchen remodel.

    The best way to know if you will need a permit for your kitchen remodel plans is to check in with the city that you live in. Permit requirements can change from city to city. The cost of permits can be significant as well.

    If you are hiring a licensed contractor, a reputable one will know the current city permit requirements.

    Some permits are issued right away while others may take some waiting time to issue. Other permits will require an inspection before a permit is actually issued. Some permits can take a few weeks before they are issued. The contractor should be the one to help you with permitting. But permitting may fall also to the architect or engineer depending on how complicated the job ends up being.

    Making sure you have the correct permits for all of the work you want to accomplish in a kitchen renovation, or any home renovation for that matter is very important.

    Not having the proper permits can effect things like getting insurance coverage, selling your home, and having to halt work or rip out fixtures that have already been installed. The National Association of Realtors states that not having the proper permits can complicate the sale of a home or even cause the sale to fall through when work is not done to legal standards.

    Depending upon the type of work being done in your kitchen remodel inspections may be required at certain points in the project. The final inspection to look over the finished project is the most important of inspections. This inspection is to ensure that all other inspectors have been to the project to look over certain areas of work and ensure everything in the entire job is in compliance with zoning and code restrictions and requirements. Passing the final inspection and getting an official sign off on your property will be your proof to insurance companies, lenders that will be funding the sale of a home, appraisers, and inspectors to help aid in insurance coverage, refinancing, or selling your home.

    Here are some general projects that often require permits:

    • Changing the floorplan of the home including adding a room
    • Installing new plumbing or fixing existing plumbing this can also include installing new outdoor faucets (hose bibs) for a hose
    • Any electrical work such as new wiring or rewiring
    • Structural changes like taking out a load bearing wall
    • Parking a dumpster on a public road
    • Any work on the sewer line
    • Adding an exterior entrance, more windows, or skylights
    • Installing a new HVAC system
    • Replacing a water heater

    Projects that Might Require Permits:

    • Changes to ventilation
    • Moving a sink especially if new plumbing or drain lines are required
    • Taking out a non-load bearing wall
    • The project will cost more than a certain amount

    These are generalities, it is always good to know what your specific city requires before starting renovations on your home.

    For help determining what permits will be needed for your kitchen renovations give us a call. We provide quality kitchen renovations in Seattle.

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