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    What Items Should Be On a Seasonal Home Maintenance Checklist?

    Part of being a responsible homeowner is taking care of your investment. One of the easiest and best ways to do this is by performing seasonal inspections necessary to determine the regular maintenance and home repairs your home may need. Each season brings unique weather conditions that can impact your home, making it crucial to address specific maintenance tasks accordingly.

    This article provides a seasonal home maintenance checklist featuring a blend of DIY and professional tasks designed to help you maintain your home's peak condition year-round.

    Spring Home Maintenance Checklist


    1. Check wood siding for peeling or flaking paint, wood rot, protruding nails, and lifted siding.

    2. Look for holes or small crevices where animals could have invaded.

    3. Evaluate caulking around windows, doors, and other entry points for bugs or animals.

    4. Inspect for settling cracks in the foundation and cracks in concrete steps, walkways, and driveway.

    5. Check the roof for missing or damaged shingles and clean gutters.

    6. Spray for bugs around the exterior of the home, paying special attention to potential termite damage.

    7. Inspect window screens for damage, wash windows, and clean exterior window tracks.

    8. Clean, reseal, or re-paint/re-stain exterior decks.

    9. Have a professional powerwash the exterior of your home.

    10. Ensure proper grading around your home and redirect downspouts away from the foundation to lessen risks of water damage.

    11. Reseal asphalt driveways if needed.

    12. Inspect exterior sprinkler heads and systems if needed.

    13. Mow areas where weeds have overgrown.



    1. Check for dampness or musty smells throughout the home, including closets and closed-off spaces.

    2. Inspect for water and weather damage inside and outside storage sheds. Replace the weather stripping if necessary.

    3. Have the HVAC system checked by a professional. Verify your air conditioning is still functional before the weather gets too hot. Consider hiring a professional to tune up your central air system.

    4. window-and-door-updateReplace HVAC filters, standing air filters, and humidifier filters.

    5. Clean and reverse the direction of your ceiling fans.

    6. Deep clean your home, paying attention to areas prone to dust and germs. Don’t forget to clean the lint trap on your washer/dryer, clean out the garbage disposal, etc. They don’t say “spring cleaning” for nothing!

    7. Replace window and door screens and tighten loose screws.

    8. Touch up or repaint interior walls.

    9. Maintain interior seals and caulking.

    10. Inspect the garage door's track and springs for proper functioning.

    11. Remove any remains from a wood-burning fireplace and clean out any buildup.

    12. Clean showerheads of grime and sediment buildup.

    Summer Home Maintenance


    1. Check trees and landscaping for potential hazards and hire a professional to trim or remove dead limbs.

    2. Remove cutback trees or shrubs within 6 inches of your exterior structure to eliminate bug intrusion.

    3. Inspect and clean outdoor furniture, grill, and exterior lighting fixtures.

    4. Eliminate any standing water that could harbor mosquito larvae.

    5. Remove bird and insect nests from your house.

    6. Consider painting exterior parts of your home or deck if necessary.

    How to Remove Mold from Every Type of Outdoor Furniture

    Photo courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens


    1. Check carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors, replacing batteries if necessary.

    2. Thaw or defrost the freezer and deep clean the fridge.

    3. Test GFCI outlets to ensure they are working properly.

    4. Flush the hot water heater to remove sediment.

    5. Test and repair blinds or shades to control sunlight.

    Fall Home Maintenance Checklist


    1. Insulate pipes, exterior faucets, and hose bibs.

    2. Store garden hoses.

    3. Clear debris off the roof and in gutters.

    4. Check the HVAC system before switching from the air conditioner to heat.

    5. Have the fireplace or chimney inspected and cleaned if necessary.

    6. Put away outdoor furniture cushions and cover furniture and grill.

    7. Spray for bugs outside the exterior of your home.

    8. Rake leaves.

    9. Inspect stormwater drainage for potential issues.

    10. Remove any icicle buildups or ice dams created during cold weather.

    How to Clean an Outside Dryer Vent

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    1. Check and weatherize your home for air leaks around windows, doors, and vents.

    2. Clean the dryer vent.

    3. Clean the sump pump and pit if applicable.

    4. Verify fire extinguishers are still in service.

    5. Take note of how often your furnace filter needs to be replaced, and add a reminder in your phone or using your smart thermostat.

    6. Have your heating system inspected and tuned up.

    7. Have your water softener inspected and tuned up if needed.

    Winter Home Maintenance


    1. Blow water out of the outdoor sprinkler system to prevent freezing and potential line damage.


    1. Ensure pipes near exterior walls are safe from freezing by keeping cabinet doors open during extremely cold weather.

    2. Hire a plumber to check internal plumbing and clear any clogs.

    3. Ensure interior plumbing and valves are not leaking.

    Winterizing Sprinklers - How to blow out sprinklers - Her Tool Belt

    Photo courtesy of Her Tool Belt

    Protect Your Biggest Investment

    Keeping up with seasonal home maintenance tasks helps protect your home and avoid emergency repairs during inconvenient weather conditions. By adopting a proactive strategy and conducting regular inspections, you can address small home improvement issues before they become major problems.

    Consider hiring a professional offering seasonal maintenance inspection services to ensure thorough and regular upkeep. It is always recommended to consult with professionals for specific maintenance requirements based on your home's location and unique needs.

    For more detailed information on routine home maintenance, download our eBook, "Redefining Home Maintenance: The Proactive & Essential Guide for Homeowners."

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