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How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost

Next to the kitchen, many of us look to remodel the bathrooms in our homes. We dream of a spa-like oasis where we can envision ourselves relaxing and unwinding or being eager to get ready for the day ahead. Not only does improving the bathroom in our home make it more comfortable to live in, it can improve the value of our home and be a good return on investment when the work is done right and done well.

Some Insights About Bathroom Remodel Costs from Pros

  • Relocating plumbing fixtures like shower heads, faucets, drains, and the toilet and/or changing the layout of your bathroom are going to make the most significant impact on the cost of your bathroom remodel. Even a small bathroom remodel that involves any plumbing change can cost significantly more than customers expect.
  • Another significant cost comes when remodeling a second story bath where the plumbing needs to be run in between the floor/ceiling of the lower floor in your home.
  • The older the bathroom, often, the more work needs to be done to ensure everything is safe and to code. Older homes run into issues of outdated fixtures that are no longer up to code or replaceable because parts are no longer made. If the home is old enough and has not been renovated at all (or properly in earlier attempts), asbestos testing may need to be done. All these things are added costs.

You Can Remodel Your Bathroom in Stages to Help Ease the Cost

If you do not have a budget just yet to do the entire bathroom the way you envision, you can opt to have the work done in stages. A bathroom can benefit from a few upgrades at a time. You can choose to start with updating the important things like the bathroom vent fan and then choose to do a shower upgrade the next time, then the vanity, and so on.

The Bottom Line on the Cost of a Bathroom Remodel

Choose quality over quantity. Make sure you are hiring a contractor that is highly skilled and capable. You do not want to cut corners and costs where work in your home is concerned, especially areas of the home that have fixtures with the potential to cause significant and costly damage if something was not done well. The bathroom is one of the most used spaces in a home, so you want to do things right, and do them right the first time.

The right contractor makes all the difference. They will do the work correctly, to code, and back up what they do with a guarantee and warranty. Do extensive research before hiring anyone to work on your home. Make sure you verify their credentials by going onto the Labor and Industries website and checking for their city relevant business license. Look at reviews from several different sources, ask plenty of questions before hiring them, and ask for references from previous jobs. Because opting for cheaper work will cost you more money over time when it needs to be fixed.

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